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Can we take videos or photos of the performers/ hostesses?

Unfortunately no photos or videos are allowed. In doing so our stuff can choose to cut the show short. However you can ask the girls to take photos after the show, it is completely up to our staff if they are ok with it.


Can we choose our own songs?

Normally the performers choose the songs they dance to, but send us a quick message or give us a call and we will take notes and see if we can switch it up.

Can we offer girls drinks at the event?

Unfortunately no. Most of our girls take their own transport to a job. Golden Dragon Girls doesn't promote drink driving. We also want to make sure that our staff is safe. 

We're planning an event outside of Palmerston North, can we get the girls to come to us?

Yes, depending on the availability of our staff some of the girls are willing to travel. The travel costs are $25 for 15 min out of Palmerston North Central. ( You only cover one way ). Example: Hunterville - 60 min drive - $100.

Do I have to pay for the services upfront?

You can pay total amount online. Otherwise a deposit of $100 must be paid online. The amount owing after the deposit has been made, can be paid in cash on the night of the performance.

Can we get the girls to stay longer or change/add an extra show?

You can add an extra show or change to a different show, also adding extra time for our waitresses. Please give us a call, or get our performer to give us a call so we can adjust the price. 



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