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Terms and Conditions:


By making a booking with Golden Dragon Girls you agree to our Terms and Conditions:

  • Golden Dragon Girls is an adult entertainment agency in New Zealand. This website may contain images or material that are sexually explicit in nature and may be offensive to some people. If you do find any of the material on the website offensive please leave right away.

  • You must be 18 years or over to view this website. You must be 18 years or over to order any performances or entertainment, or to be present during any function where one of our performers are present.

  • Because of last minute schedule changes, unforeseen circumstances or illness, please note when booking one of our performers it is a preference only. Golden Dragon Girls cannot guarantee 100% that the preferred performer will be the performer on the night.

  • If there is a change of performer due to unforeseen circumstances, Golden Dragon Girls will inform you of the change as soon as possible.

  • Golden Dragon Girls require a deposit to confirm a booking. A deposit of $115 inc GST is required for every job unless arranged otherwise. Example: Full Nude Strip & Bodyslide is $250.00. This is GST Exclusive. $100 + GST ($115) is paid to us as a deposit, and $150 is paid to the dancer on arrival.

  • Full amount or the balance is required in cash on the night to the dancer on arrival.

  • For health and safety reason, there must be a clean and safe area for our performers to do their show. There must also be a private and safe room for our performers to get changed in prior to the show.

  • Please be contactable on your mobile around the time you have booked for us, as the dancer will most likely phone or text on arrival.

  • A loud working stereo or speaker must be provided and ready to go at the booked time of the dancer. If you don’t have a suitable system, we can supply one for $25.00 please ask at time of booking.

  • Upgrades of shows on the night are available on whether that dancer provides the show you require, this must be cleared with our manager and an additional cost is payable.

  • The use of phones and video are prohibited during any of our performer’s shows or during waitresses and waiters shifts. If a patron does wish to take a photo or a video, permission must be granted by the performer or wait staff. If the performer or wait staff declines this, you must respect their decision. Failure to comply with this condition it may result in the performer or wait staff cancelling or leaving the booking.

  • Performers and wait staff should not be touched inappropriately at any stage. Some performers may allow some guided touching during their shows. In this instance the patron must only touch in the areas the performer has allowed. Failure to comply with this condition it may result in the performer cancelling or leaving the booking.

  • Patrons must treat the performers and wait staff with respect at all times. Yelling profanities, being disrespectful or throwing items or being disrespectful towards the performer or wait staff is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this condition the performer may cancel or leave the booking.


  • The lighting in the performance area must be dimmed or selected lights turned off for better ambiance in the room.

  • Please prepare the recipient by sitting them in a sturdy armless chair with guests standing back at least 3 metres.

  • To ensure a good performance the dancer needs a level and solid floor and plenty of room.

  • Dressing room needs to be provided for the dancers to change which is private, clean and safe with a mirror and toilet nearby. A bathroom or spare room is suitable.

  • No photos, video, cellphones, still cameras or otherwise while our dancer is performing. If we find anyone taking photos/video the person responsible will be asked to leave the venue until the dancer is finished.

  • Photos of our dancer and the guest of honour or group are available, please ask your dancer on arrival which they will decide at their discretion.

  • Touching is not acceptable unless invited to by the dancer.



  • Do not offer our staff drugs of any kind including party pills

  • Do not proposition any of our staff, as they are not escorts and do not do ‘extras’

  • All bookings must be for a minimum of 3 guests. We can do one on one shows, but you must advise at time of booking and there is a $100.00 surcharge for this service – all our other conditions still apply.

  • Late night bookings, after 10pm at night are booked on a case by case basis. We want our dancers to be safe. In most cases we also have to account to time they have to travel from the job after the show.

  • Any violent, offensive or abusive language towards our dancers is not acceptable, your show will be cut short or terminated should our dancers feel unsafe or threatened.


By booking a performer or member of wait staff with Golden Dragon Girls you the customer agrees to the following terms:

  • Golden Dragon Girls is a booking agent and uses the services of independent contractors. Golden Dragon Girls accept no liability or responsibility for any contractor’s actions at or during a booking. The contractor is solely responsible for their own liability insurance and professional indemnity to cover any liability that may occur at or during a booking.


Refund Policy:

  • No refund will be given if you fail to comply with any of the above terms and conditions.

  • Cancellation fee of $115 inc GST per dancer or promo model applies to all of our bookings.

  • Cancellation fees can be avoided if your job is re-booked within 2 weeks.

  • Cancellation within 48 hours of the event will result in full payment being payable

  • Visa/Mastercard payments when refunded are subject to the deposit less a variable Third Party Management Fee.

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